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San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo Mexico is the Cabo San Lucas sister city, a pretty relaxed town along the Tourist Corridor

and the closest point of the Los Cabos International Airport, as well as Todos Santos,

this place has some nice colonial buildings and a Mission in the Plaza Mijares square right in downtown,

the historic Art District that gather some of the best art galleries where work from local artist as well as foreing are displayed periodically.|

Hotels in San Jose del Cabo

Some of the best shopping, restaurants and bars in the region can be found in the downtown area,

and in some adyacent places such the Estuary and the Puerto Los Cabos, you can experience

the feeling of of the old and nice tipical Mexican town is the head place of the Los Cabos municipally,

as far as 20 miles from Cabos San Lucas, here you can find some of the best Accommodations in the area,

there are al plenty of Resorts and Boutique Hotels, that match perfectly with the relaxd atmosphere

of the area along with the warm and sandy beaches, unfortunatelly those are not suitable for swimming,

so relax and contemplate the sea as well as having some walks along the shore would be a very an excellent idea.

Where is San Jose del Cabo Mexico

The estuary, is an adyacent natural refugee, just a few steps from downtown, where you can enjoy and

watch some of the natural beauties and wildlife of the baja.

At Puerto Los Cabos, as the newest place in the area, is constantly growing and offering more a

better options every time, be shure to go and check what is new and cool in the area. It is also a very nice

option to take a walk or have a bicicle ride tour along the marina.